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2009-03-15 03:59:06 GMT

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South Park
The Ring
UNCENSORED Widescreen XviD
Video - XviD .avi
Audio - mp3 MPEG3
Res - 624x352 (16x9 ws - AR: 1.78:1)
Runtime - 21:59
Size - 234 MB
Notez: Heres the original Widescreen
version of the newest south park episode,
also uncensored (meaning bleep free) so i
thought i would give u all the option to grab
this one if u want. Plus who wants the cuss words
bleeped anyway Also the ep is logo comedy
central logo in the corner and constant TV-MA signs
every 7 mins. Take it or leave it, i know some of you
will enjoy it. I plan to release these every week of a
new episode from now on, they will not be up until
Saturday/Sunday though, as i cant get ahold of the
Uncensored one untill Friday/Saturday usually...enjoy
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